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’24’ Coming Back for Jack Bauer’s Early Days

by Joseph


If you’ve ever wondered what things were like for Jack Bauer as a young, fresh-eyed college graduate with dreams of torturing people for information, our current media landscape’s obsession with prequels and origin stories has you covered. According to recent reports, 24 is on its way back to Fox for a Bauer prequel.

Personally, I think the new 24: Jack’s Young Now should be done Young Indiana Jones style, with Kiefer Sutherland playing modern-day Jack reminiscing about his earlier adventures. But what the show will actually be like is impossible to know, since it’s still in its early stages, and it’s not known whether Kiefer will be involved in any way.

Read up on the proposed 24 prequel project right here, and keep your ear to the ground for more information as the clock ticks. And if you have to beat up somebody to get that crucial intel? Well, you do it for the good of the country.

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