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22 Things You Can Actually Buy with Bitcoins

by Esteban
pints of beer - things you can buy with bitcoin

things you can buy with bitcoins

Up until now, anything you’ve heard about bitcoins has been pretty abstract. Whether you’ve read a news article trying to explain exactly what bitcoins are—basically just a new form of completely digital, non-government regulated currency—or a few stories about how people are making money trading bitcoins, chances are you haven’t taken the new 21st century currency very seriously.

However, so far in 2014, the bitcoin is getting less abstract and more real pretty much every day. It’s no longer just some concept that only a few people get. It’s actually starting to work like “real” money. And by that I mean, yes, you can now actually buy things with bitcoins.

Like what, you ask? Like lots of things. Just take a look at this list and see for yourself!


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