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21 of the Best Videos on Vine

by Esteban

best vine videos

You know how everyone on the internet loves animated GIFs these days? Well, some really smart people recently had a great idea:  make an entire social media site based on animated GIFs—but with audio.

Of course, what they came up with was Vine, and it actually features looping six-second videos, not GIFs with audio. But, really, that’s what Vine videos are like—GIFs with audio.

In any case, you might not be too familiar with Vine yet. The Twitter-owned company only released the iPhone app January in, and the Android version just dropped four days ago. Today, therefore, we’re going to get you up to speed with all that Vine offers with a list of the best Vine videos that have been created thus far.

Now, to fully appreciate the videos that follow, you need to know something about the app. You see, there is no edit feature, and you can’t just upload videos you’ve made elsewhere to the Vine website. All movies on Vine must be made with the app, and the only thing you can do to “edit” them is start and stop the recording. This means that, in order to create really cool vine videos, you have to be really creative—and people have not disappointed in that regard.

So, ready to see what this Vine business is all about? Okay then, let’s roll…

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