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‘2016 – in a minute’ Sums Up the Year’s Tragedies in 60 Seconds (Video)

by Joseph
2016 - in a minute

2016 - in a minute

I think we’re all about done with 2016 retrospectives, if for no other reason than it was a memorably terrible year and most of us aren’t eager to revisit it mentally. So barring some unconscionably slow news day in the near future, let Pranay Patwardhan’s new animation 2016 – in a minute be the last word about the year we all wish had never happened.

2016 – in a minute isn’t just focused on the deaths of beloved artists like David Bowie and Carrie Fisher, though. There’s also the scientific discovery of gravitational waves, and, uh, well, that’s pretty much the only cool thing in the video. But it’s only a minute long, and there’s a lot of death and disaster to cover in that short stretch of time.

If you feel emotionally prepared for it, you can watch 2016 – in a minute below. And for more animation from where that came from, head over to Pranay Patwardhan’s Vimeo account right here.

Good riddance, 2016:

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