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2015 Nike Mag Sneakers Are Finally Here

by Joseph
2015 Nike Mag

2015 Nike Mag

Yesterday was Back to the Future Day, and it was a glorious orgy of cross-promotional synergy and social media enthusiasm, but the coolest part of the day was undoubtedly the long-awaited release of the 2015 Nike Mag with real power laces, (almost) just like the ones seen in Back to the Future Part II (and a clear upgrade over these).

The first pair of 2015 Nike Mag sneakers went to Michael J. Fox, as I think we can all agree they should have. And even though the sneakers were implied to be in wide release by the “future” 2015 seen in the movie, in our reality they’re going to be a little bit tougher to get your hands on, since Nike will only be auctioning them off next year to raise money for The Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Still, it’s awesome that the 2015 Nike Mag sneakers really exist, and it’s awesome that self-lacing technology has evidently been developed in some form. For more information, check out Nike’s press release for the shoes right here.

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