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2015 BMW X4

by Joseph
2015 BMW X4
2015 BMW X42015 BMW X42015 BMW X42015 BMW X42015 BMW X4

Some have accused legendary automaker BMW of saturating the market with two many series and lines of vehicles that are basically indistinguishable from one another (or at least not distinguishable enough). And according to some, the newly unveiled 2015 BMW X4 isn’t going to sway too many from that opinion.

That’s because the X4 looks very similar to other cars in the BMW fleet, like the X6 and X3. And under the hood, the 2015 BMW X4 is more of the same as well – but since this is BMW we’re talking about, there are worse things than “more of the same.” And the car is set to be officially unveiled at the upcoming New York Auto Show next month.

You can expect more details on the 2015 BMW X4, starting at $45,000, to become available as we get closer to April, but for now you can check out some images of the car in the gallery up top.

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