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2013 Honda NC700X Motorcycle

by Joseph

2013 Honda NC700X

Motorcycles are traditionally thought of as a purely recreational vehicle, which means considerations like gas mileage tend not to be heavily emphasized. But that has been changing over the years, as more and more people opt for two wheels instead of four in order to save money.  And the 2013 NC700X motorcycle from Honda has certainly adapted to that trend.

The NC700X’s engine is based on the massively popular (and hugely fuel-efficient) Honda Fit, and it supposedly gets an impressive 64 miles per gallon. There’s also a variety of other features available, including a cosmetic “fuel tank” that serves as an extra storage unit above the actual, smaller fuel tank, as well as upgrades like ABS and electronic dual-clutch transmission.

Of course, a bike like this isn’t going to be cheap, but you will save a ton of money on gas. You can check out the Honda NC700X motorcycle here, where they start at $6,999.

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