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20 Classic Video Game Sharks

by Esteban

video game sharks

As you are probably aware, it’s Shark Week. And while this is obviously a joyous time of year for everyone, like Christmas, Shark Week isn’t just something that we should celebrate once a year and then forget. A wise man once said we should all “live every week like it’s Shark Week.”

So how do we go about making sure the miracle of Shark Weeks lives in our hearts all year long? Well, it seems to me that playing shark video games is a good place to start.

With that in mind, today we present you with this list of 20 classic video game sharks. The goal is not to present a comprehensive list of every video game that ever featured a shark. Instead, the goal is to give a sampling of all the notable, unique, and interesting (and often gory) ways everyone’s favorite ocean predators have been immortalized in video games over the years.

Sound good? Then let’s look at some sharks…


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