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20 Best Music Videos of Kanye West

by Esteban
best kanye west videos

best kanye west videos

Whether you think Kanye West is a jerk or a genius, I think we can at least all agree that the man makes visually stunning music videos. Is he himself the creative force behind them, or does he stand on the shoulders of others? I can’t say. All I know is, when Yeezy drops a new video, I watch it.

Of course, this week he dropped another one on us, and it’s a doozy. (Maybe you heard—his baby mama and fiancée, Kim Kardashian, is in it…and she’s not wearing a lot of restrictive clothing.) So what better time to take a look at his entire videography and come up with a best-of list?

Take a look and give us some feedback. Which do you think is Kanye’s best?

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