Home Tech & Gear 1931 Gold-Plated Leica Sold At Auction For $683,000

1931 Gold-Plated Leica Sold At Auction For $683,000

by Joseph
1931 Gold-Plated Leica

1931 Gold-Plated Leica

Leica is pretty much at the top of the camera brand line, but even the previous owner of this 1931 gold-plated Leica camera was shocked at how much his possession turned out to be worth.

That previous owner was Karl Henkell, the famous German manufacturer of sparkling wine, who was probably delighted when, at a recent auction in Vienna, the camera went for $683,000, which happens to be more than three and a half times what the camera’s value was previously estimated at.

The buyer of this gold-plated 1931 Leica camera is anonymous right now, so we have no way of knowing why he wanted this camera so much. Maybe he knows something we don’t? Or maybe he just really likes gold-plated cameras.

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