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The 16 Album Covers of Kanye West

by Esteban

Kanye West Album Covers

Yesterday, as you probably already know, Kanye West released his highly anticipated new album, Yeezus. And while most people are talking about the dark, acerbic, and controversial songs on the new disc—from “Black Skinheads” to “I Am A God” to the very graphic “I’m In It”—there’s another aspect of the album worth noting: the cover. Or, more accurately, the lack of cover.

Whereas for some artists the album artwork is a bit of an afterthought, Kanye has always made sure his albums have great covers. The same holds true for Yeezus, of course. The only difference is that this time he’s gone minimalist.

Want to see the progression of Kanye’s album covers over the years to see how he got to where he is with Yeezus? Good, because here are all 16 of the major album covers the Chicago rapper has given us over the last decade. Click on the arrows and take a look.


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