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15 Hilarious Hangover Remedies From Around The World

by Esteban

Surprisingly, we don’t really have a full scientific understanding of hangovers. Yeah, we understand the basics—dehydration, toxins, electrolytes, and so on—but not well enough to produce a genuine scientific cure. As a result, the world is still full of traditional home remedies for the
hangover that vary from culture to culture.

Your polish grandma? She’s got one, and it’s completely different from the one your Chinese college roommate swears by, which is completely different than the one he learned about during his semester abroad in Italy—the point being that every culture has some pretty crazy and hilarious remedies for hangovers. After all, the one thing human beings everywhere have in common is that we all like the sauce. That, and sex.

But today we’re talking about the wacky hangover remedies. And here are 15 of the wackiest you’ll ever come across. So check ’em out.

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