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15 Funniest Women on TV Right Now

by Esteban

funniest women on tv right now

If you’d tried to do a list of the 15 funniest women on TV 15 years ago, you would have had slim pickings. There was half the cast of Friends, the english lady from Frasier, Julia Louis-Dreyfus—probably the only legitimately hilarious female TV star of the era—and a couple of women from shows people barely even remember today, like Suddenly Susan and The Naked Truth. That was it.

Today? Completely different story. Not only are there a ton of hilarious ladies on television, but there are a number of shows that are completely dominated by funny women. And I, for one, think this is a positive development. Sure, like all guys, I love a girl who laughs at my jokes. But I like a girl who can make me laugh even better. And the women on this list can certainly do that.

Now, it should go without saying that humor is subjective, so I can’t promise you’ll agree with the order of this list. But I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that most of the people belong here. And if by some chance I left someone off the list who you think merits recognition, by all means let us know. It only makes helps prove my point that there are move funny women on TV today than ever before.

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