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15 Countries Where There Is No Income Tax

by Esteban
8 vanuatu

countries with no income tax

It’s mid April again, so that means you’ll probably spend this glorious spring weekend going through your drawers and files, digging up receipts and documents to bring to your accountant so he can file your tax return…at the last minute…again. Why do they make income tax payments due at the exact time the weather is finally starting to get nice? Why aren’t they due in, say, February, when you hardly leave your house anyway? Well, there’s probably some good bureaucratic reason for it, but it could just be that the government hates you and wants you to suffer. I’ll leave it up to you decide, because I really don’t know.

What I do know, however, is that there are places in the world where people never have to worry about paying income taxes. Are these all places you would actually want to live? Well, sure, some of them are. Others not so much, because they lack things like “roads,” “infrastructure,” and “public safety.” But they exist, and we can at least pretend that it would be awesome to live there.

Want to see what countries I’m talking about? Then get clicking, friends. (And then go finish your tax return.)



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