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14k Gold ‘Star Wars’ Cufflinks from Neiman Marcus

by Joseph
Star Wars cufflinks

Star Wars cufflinks

You may or may not remember the Star Wars cufflinks we told you about more than a year ago. But even if you do, you’ll forget those old things as soon as you lay eyes on these cufflinks from Neiman Marcus.

Unlike previous cufflinks based on the Star Wars universe, these are crafted from 14-karat yellow gold, and sculpted in such a way that perfectly captures the respective likenesses of Yoda and Darth Vader. Interestingly, the Darth Vader cufflinks will cost you $4,200, while the Yoda ones are a relative steal at $4,000. Score another one for the Dark Side.

If you feel like demonstrating your wealth in one of the more ridiculous ways possible, head to the Neiman Marcus website here to purchase your own set of Star Wars cufflinks.

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