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13 Ways Smartphones Make Us Stupid

by Esteban
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The smartphone has absolutely revolutionized our lives, hasn’t it? What was once just a device for talking to people is now a device that allows us to communicate with people in every way imaginable, while also giving us the latest stock prices and updates about our favorite football teams.

However, while the phones have gotten smarter, which has in turn made the world a little smaller, we ourselves have gotten a little dumber. The more our phones do for us, the less we do for ourselves. The less we do for ourselves, the stupider we get.

I’m not saying we’re devolving or anything that drastic. I’m just saying we’re not as sharp as we could be because we don’t give our brain a workout.

Want specific examples? Yeah, of course you do. So I’m going to give you 13 of them. Hopefully you can concentrate long enough to get all the way to number one!


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