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121-Year-Old Whiskey Found in Scottish Time Capsule

by Joseph
121-Year-Old Whiskey

121-Year-Old Whiskey

Alcohol is not one of the standard-issue time capsule components, maybe because no one wants to waste good liquor on their descendants. But someone went against the standard formula over a hundred years ago, and now we have a newly-surfaced bottle of 121-year-old whiskey as a result.

The bottle, which is unfortunately sans label so we may never know exactly how old it is or what kind of whiskey it contains, was discovered inside a time capsule found in an old bridge in Scotland. It was accompanied on its journey to the future by a few other odds and ends, all of which (as you can see in the photo above) are in pretty rough shape 121 years on.

Before you start imagining yourself on a whimsical 19th century alcohol binge, know that all the contents of the time capsule, including the 121-year-old whiskey, have been donated to Scotland’s Highland Folk Museum, so no drinking is likely to happen any time soon. But you can read more about the time capsule over at The Telegraph here.


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