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12 Songs That Don’t Mean What You Think They Mean

by Esteban

misunderstood songs lyrics that don't mean what you think they mean

I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the lookout for little bits of trivia that I can share with my buddies when we’re hanging out at the bar, having a few beers. And since every bar on the planet has music (unless there’s a big game on the TVs), music trivia is always a good topic of conversation. So for today’s list I was trying to think of a good music topic, and then it hit me: songs that don’t mean what you think they mean. And I’m not talking about songs with famously difficult, weird, or misheard lyrics. I’m talking about songs whose lyrics are quite clear, but the meaning of which people nevertheless fail to grasp—usually because they don’t really listen to the lyrics closely or stop to think what the words really mean. These typs of songs are fun to learn about because you can then go around and pop people’s bubbles by telling them that the ballad they danced to at their wedding is actually about a deranged psychopath’s obsession…or something along those lines.

So are you ready to see which songs don’t mean what you always thought they meant? Great. Let’s go.

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