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11+ World Clock (Video)

by Joseph
11+ World Clock

World Clock

In this day and age, finding out the time in another time zone is a simple matter of checking your phone (even flip phones usually have some kind of world clock programmed into them). So any new world clock design would need to have some kind of novel approach to be worth your attention. ¬†And that’s definitely true of the 11+ World Clock.

Instead of using WiFi or some other newfangled means of determining the time, the 11+ World Clock harkens back to the shape of the Earth itself, and all you have to do to get the time in another place is physically roll the clock to the corresponding point. Not only does it give you the time for any time zone, but it’s also kind of a cool implicit illustration of how time zones actually work.

Words do not really do the 11+ World Clock justice, so you would do well to watch a demonstration of how it works in the video below. And for more information, head over to the 11+ website here.


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