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11 Of The World’s Most Daring And Expensive Art Heists

by Esteban

You have to wonder why people bother stealing famous works of art. For one thing, it seems like well over 70% of the high profile art thieves get caught. Then of course there’s the fact that no one in their right mind is going to pay you a great sum of money for a famous painting which everyone knows was just stolen. I mean, the kind of guy pays $85 million for a painting is usually the same kind of guy who wants everyone to <i>know</i> he paid $85 million for a painting.

Now, there’s one theory out there that hold that most high profile art heists are actually commissioned—because no one would go to all the trouble of stealing a painting that they couldn’t sell. And I supposed this could be the case. But if it is, as you’re about the see, there’s not a very high success rate.

So here’s my theory: some people just get off on stealing really rare and expensive stuff that is hard to steal. But you really should read up on the most famous art heists in history and come up with your own theory.

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