Home Tech & Gear 108M Mega Yacht: An Eco-Friendly Yacht Concept

108M Mega Yacht: An Eco-Friendly Yacht Concept

by Joseph
108M Mega Yacht

108M Mega Yacht

I doubt if the average yacht owner could be troubled to give more than the most minor of considerations to the environment, but perhaps there is a market out there for people who want to voyage across the seas in absolute luxury but also while being energy efficient. For them, there’s the 108M, a new mega yacht concept by Hareide Design.

The 108M was designed to co-exist with the surrounding environment, contrary to the usual approach of luxury yacht design, which is to be as ostentatious and flashy as possible. It’s also efficient on an energy level, since it’s a “hybrid yacht” that uses solar energy to go short distances, much like a hybrid car uses electricity.

For more information on the 108M, which, in case you were wondering, does have a helipad (we’re not savages, after all), head over to the concept yacht’s listing at the Hareide Design Norway official site right here.


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