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‘100 Great Danes’: In No Way About Dogs

by Joseph
100 Great Danes

100 Great Danes

I’m sure there’s a word in publishing for giving a book a title that makes people browsing on a shelf think it’s about something completely different from what it is, and if that word exists it would describe the new book 100 Great Danes perfectly. Because instead of being about 100 Great Danes, it’s about 100 great Danes.

Maybe I should clarify. This is a book featuring photographs of 100 beautiful Danish women from photographer Bjarke Johansen and creative director Simon Rasmussen, taken over seven years. Black and white tasteful nudity is the name of the game here, and I hope I’m not being too crass when I say there isn’t a dog in sight.

A handsome hardcover edition of 100 Great Danes will set you back $90 at the book’s Amazon listing right here. And if you’re currently in some kind of domestic censorship situation, maybe you’ll be able to convince the powers-that-be that the book actually is about dogs.

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