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100 Ghetto Duct Tape Repair Jobs

by Esteban

As everyone knows, a real man doesn’t read the instructions. He just jumps right in to whatever he’s working on. And for that reason, a real man is going to have a lot of broken sh*t on his hands.

What’s the solution? No, it’s not reading the instructions. Just get over that already; it’s not going to happen. The solution, obviously, is duct tape. That magically adhesive, virtually indestructible, heroically versatile rubber tape can solve just about any problem you’ll ever have in life—and yes, for you middle-aged gentlemen, that includes erectile dysfunction.

So today we honor the most versatile product in human history with this list of 100 amazing duct tape repair jobs. Some of them are genius; others, well, not so much. But they’re all valiant (i.e., lazy) efforts. So let’s get started.

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