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10 Things Every Man Should Know About Cars

by Esteban

things every man should know about cars

I’m not one of those people who waxes macho poetic about guys and cars. If you love cars and want to spend all your spare time working on them, great. If you’d rather be golfing, great. To each his own.

That being said, even guys who don’t care about cars probably need to drive them. Thus, there are still some things any self-respecting man should know about them—not for the sake of his masculinity, but for the sake of self-reliance. And I’m not talking changing radiator belts or rebuilding engines here, either. I’m talking about pretty basic stuff about which so many people seem to be absolutely clueless.

Is this list going to teach you how to do all these things? Not quite. But it’s a start, that’s for sure. So take a look.


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