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10.Deep Holiday 2012 Collection

by Joseph

10 Deep Holiday 2012

Fashion label 10.Deep have unveiled their new collection of pieces for the 2012 holiday season. Among the usual assortment of collaborators and label friends is a new addition for the collection’s accompanying lookbook: Rap duo The Underachievers.

10.Deep’s 2012 holiday collection goes by the name Touch of Evil, and is intended to evoke the looming darkness of winter. This darkness is reflected visually in the variety of styles in the collection, as well as in the collection’s design elements. If it’s about time you introduced some darkness to your wardrobe, 10.Deep’s 2012 holiday collection is definitely for you.

The entire collection is available now at the 10.Deep Online Shop.  Or you can check out 2012 Holiday Collection Lookbook by clicking here.

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