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1-Hour Photo: An App for the Patient

by Joseph
1-Hour Photo App (Photo via Uncrate)

1-Hour Photo App (Photo via Uncrate)

It wasn’t that long ago when places like CVS or Walgreens would advertise “One-Hour Photo” development, the implication being that an hour was no time at all to wait for a completed roll of photographs. A lot has changed since then, though, and now people are used to seeing and sharing photos pretty much instantly. It seems great, but are we sacrificing anything for extreme hyper-convenience?

That’s the question raised by 1-Hour Photo, a new photo app that makes you wait exactly one hour before you can see the pictures you take with it. Once that hour passes, your photos are given a photographic black-and-white sheen, but more importantly they’re actually documents of the past (albeit the very recent past) instead of what’s happening right at that moment. Your photos will then take on a different significance than they might normally have.

It probably won’t replace Instagram any time soon, but the free 1-Hour Photo app might be worth checking out here, if you’re feeling contemplative and patient.

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