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$1.5 Million Ferrari LaFerrari Totaled in China

by Joseph
Crashed 2015 Ferrari LaFerrari

Crashed 2015 Ferrari LaFerrari

Whenever I read about someone spending an exorbitant sum on a car, the first image my mind shows me is it ending up totaled on a freeway somewhere. Now, a motorist in China has made my pessimism (or maybe it’s just morbidness) come to life, crashing and totaling his $1.5 million 2015 Ferrari LaFerrari.

The Ferrari LaFerrari pictured above isn’t the first LaFerrari to be in an accident, but it is the worst so far, and reportedly represents the first such automobile in China – which makes it being wrecked this way all the more heartbreaking. Hopefully the next super-rich dude in China who buys one will be a more conscientious driver than the first guy was.

Details on the crashed Ferrari LaFerrari appear to be a bit scarce, the story having been broken on Twitter. You can read the tweet in question here, although if you’re a big car buff it might bring a tear to your eye.

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