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  • ‘Overlord’: JJ Abrams’ Nazi Zombie Thriller (Trailer)

    ‘Overlord’: JJ Abrams’ Nazi Zombie Thriller (Trailer)

    A horde of bloodthirsty Nazis come back from the dead and converge on a group of innocent people. No, that’s not the description of an upcoming White House social function, but actually the bare basic gist of JJ Abrams‘ upcoming new thriller Overlord. Historically, when audiences start to get a bit bored with traditional zombies, trotting […]

  • ‘Patient Zero’: Paging Doctor Zombie (Trailer)

    ‘Patient Zero’: Paging Doctor Zombie (Trailer)

    New from Sony Pictures is a trailer for the upcoming post-apocalyptic zombie thriller Patient Zero. Set in a world where most of humanity have been turned by a disease into brainless, bloodthirsty zombies, one man immune to the virus has the ability to communicate with the horde. Here is the official synopsis: “In the pandemic thriller, […]

  • ‘World War Z’ Video Game on the Way (Video)

    ‘World War Z’ Video Game on the Way (Video)

    Much of the current pop culture obsession with zombies can be traced back to Max Brooks 2006 novel World War Z, which got a big screen adaptation starring Brad Pitt in 2013. Now, a video game based on the novel is set to be released, and there’s a trailer for it that premiered last night […]

  • ‘Santa Clarita Diet’: Netflix Zombie Comedy Gets Trailer (Video)

    ‘Santa Clarita Diet’: Netflix Zombie Comedy Gets Trailer (Video)

    We’re living in what are probably the final death throes of the current zombie trend, touched off probably by 28 Days Later way back in 2002. And at this point, it’s probably hard to get too excited about anything referred to as a “zombie comedy,” but despite all that the trailer for Santa Clarita Diet […]