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  • Torch: “The World’s First Universal Coat Heater”

    Torch: “The World’s First Universal Coat Heater”

    If you live in a relatively warm region of the world, you might not be quite acutely aware that there was such a thing as heated jackets. But you can probably imagine that none of them are likely to turn heads in the style department – which is why a “universal coat heater” might be […]

  • Fjällräven Reporter Lite Jacket

    Fjällräven Reporter Lite Jacket

    The Reporter Lite Jacket has been unveiled by fashion label Fjällräven, and it’s a rugged and versatile jacket that’s being called a “jack-of-all-trades.” The Reporter Lite is made from G-1000 fabric – fabric that can be waxed for warmth and protection in harsh winters and washed away for when comfort and breathability are more of […]