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  • The Tiwal 3.2: Inflatable High-Performance Dinghy (Video)

    The Tiwal 3.2: Inflatable High-Performance Dinghy (Video)

    Typically, with watercraft, you tend to sacrifice performance for portability (or vice-versa). For instance, an inflatable raft you can stuff in your backpack probably isn’t going to break any surface speed records, and a high-speed motorboat is going to need some serious space in order to store it. But Tiwal has come out with the […]

  • Jetovator Water Bike (Video)

    Jetovator Water Bike (Video)

    Are you a watersports enthusiast? Got $9000 to spend? Do you enjoy looking like James Bond at the beach? Then consider the Jetovator water bike, an attachment to your existing water craft that allows it to soar up to 30 feet (!) above the surface of the water on a ultra-powered jet stream of water. […]