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  • We Are Venom: Site Lets You Get Your Own Symbiote

    We Are Venom: Site Lets You Get Your Own Symbiote

    I’m not a Spider-Man scholar but I’m pretty sure it’s actually not a good thing to be be enmeshed with the alien symbiote that created Venom. You never get any sleep, you lose big chunks of time that you can’t account for, and, worst case scenario, the entity bonds with your consciousness and forms a […]

  • ‘Venom’ Official Trailer Finally Arrives (Video)

    ‘Venom’ Official Trailer Finally Arrives (Video)

    When fans got a look at the first teaser for the upcoming feature film Venom, the especially sharp-eyed ones noticed something rather unusual about it: No Venom. Now, the cries of the public have finally been answered and the first Venom official trailer is here with Venom in tow. Arguably, too much Venom. Here’s the thing about Venom: He […]

  • ‘Venom’ Teaser Has No Venom (Video)

    ‘Venom’ Teaser Has No Venom (Video)

    One thing I’ve been more or less certain of for almost as long as I’ve been alive: Venom sells stuff. T-shirts, hats, posters, cartoons, comic books, video games, movies, and more have all been sold using the distinctive black Spidey mask with big fangs and a giant, dripping tongue. Which is why it’s so weird that the […]