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  • ‘Marvel Rising: Initiation’ Official Trailer (Video)

    ‘Marvel Rising: Initiation’ Official Trailer (Video)

    This weekend is San Diego Comic-Con, which means you can probably depend on a raft of promotional materials from all the major media companies, Marvel right there among them. But there’s a new trailer for an upcoming animated series from the House of Ideas out ahead of SDCC, and it’s called┬áMarvel Rising: Initiation. Here’s the […]

  • Mac Pro From Apple: Trailer Drops (Video)

    Mac Pro From Apple: Trailer Drops (Video)

    It looks like Apple‘s cultural dominance of the technology world is planned to extend into the future with the recently unveiled Mac Pro. Now, as another taste of things to come, Apple has produced a new commercial for the redesigned Mac Pro which might just build the pre-release hype to a fever pitch. The intensely […]