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  • Klokers KLOK-02: A Watch “to Travel Through Time”

    Klokers KLOK-02: A Watch “to Travel Through Time”

    It’s no big deal to check the time anywhere in the world in the age of smartphones and smart watches, but if an analog watch can do the same thing, it’s something worth checking out. And that’s exactly what the Klokers KLOK-02 can do. The Klokers KLOK-02 operates under the principle that no matter where […]

  • 11+ World Clock (Video)

    11+ World Clock (Video)

    In this day and age, finding out the time in another time zone is a simple matter of checking your phone (even flip phones usually have some kind of world clock programmed into them). So any new world clock design would need to have some kind of novel approach to be worth your attention. ¬†And […]