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  • Bacon Candy Canes

    Bacon Candy Canes

    I’m not really sure how or why people think putting bacon in places where bacon wouldn’t traditionally go is so amusing, but that’s the free market for you. The latest curiosity to come from this trend is, believe it or not, bacon-flavored candy canes. The perennial holiday favorite has been given a bacon-inspired twist by […]

  • Tactical BBQ Apron: Grill Behind Enemy Lines (Photos)

    Tactical BBQ Apron: Grill Behind Enemy Lines (Photos)

    You can tell a lot about a man from his choice of grilling apron. And if you see someone wearing one of these Tactical BBQ Aprons from ThinkGeek, you can be sure of one thing: He’s prepared for almost any grilling-related scenario that could spring up. Featuring an actual MOLLE system—the kind used by the […]

  • Someecards Pint Glasses

    Someecards Pint Glasses

      If you spend any time at all on the internet, chances are you’re familiar with Someecards. Like all things, they can range from the lame to the hilarious, and now they’re available in pint glass form. For the low low price of $8 at ThinkGeek, you can own a pint glass with the familiar […]