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  • Casa Nostra Sunglasses Collection From SUPER (Photos)

    Casa Nostra Sunglasses Collection From SUPER (Photos)

    RETROSUPERFUTURE (or just SUPER for short) have unveiled their new collection of sunglasses for the fall and winter season of 2014. It’s called the “Casa Nostra” sunglasses collection, and that’s far from where the lineup of shades’ Italian influences end. The old country can be felt throughout every piece in SUPER’s fall/winter 2014 “Casa Nostra” […]

  • Super 2014 Spring/Summer “MOTORPSYCHO” Collection

    Super 2014 Spring/Summer “MOTORPSYCHO” Collection

    Italian sunglasses brand Super is ready for this year’s brighter seasons with a new collection of pieces for the spring and summer of 2014. This time around, the collection is engineered as a tribute to the spirit of the 1970s, with homages to mind-expanding visuals, biker fashion, and a general attitude of rebellion. The Super […]