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  • Arcade1UP Cabinets Cost $299 (Video)

    Arcade1UP Cabinets Cost $299 (Video)

    Generally speaking, if you want an authentic arcade cabinet in your house you’re going to have to pony up. But the people at Tastemakers and Gamestop have come up with a relatively affordable way to turn your place into a mini Richie Rich style mansion: A line of arcade cabinets called¬†Arcade1UP, priced at just under […]

  • ‘Street Fighter II’ Getting 30th Anniversary SNES Re-Release

    ‘Street Fighter II’ Getting 30th Anniversary SNES Re-Release

    Time comes for us all, and like it or not, Street Fighter II is turning 30 years old this year. And like everyone else turning 30, the game is desperately trying to recapture its own youth, in this case with an authentic SNES cartridge re-release from Capcom and an assist from production studio iam8bit. Street […]

  • ‘Street Fighter V’ Full-Length Trailer (Video)

    ‘Street Fighter V’ Full-Length Trailer (Video)

    Fighting game franchises don’t come much more beloved than the Street Fighter series, and the eagerly awaited fifth installment now has a big, flashy, cinematic trailer to stoke that anticipation to even greater temperatures in advance of the release of Street Fighter V later this month. The trailer for Street Fighter V emphasizes both returning […]