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  • Levi’s Streetwear Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

    Levi’s Streetwear Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

    The lucky denizens of the European Union are getting a new collection from Levi’s Streetwear for fall/winter 2012. The collection is clearly inspired by the skating and surfing cultures of Northern California, and the styles therefrom are both true to those worlds and to the street-style aesthetic of the brand’s name. Another highlight of the […]

  • Sta-Prest Collection From Levi’s

    Sta-Prest Collection From Levi’s

    Levi’s is one of the most famous denim brands in the entire world, but they have some products under their brand umbrella that are made from other materials. One of the first, and most famous, of those products was their Sta-Prest Collection, which was one of the first non-iron clothing products introduced in the 1960s […]