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  • Suunto Core Ultimate Black Watch

    Suunto Core Ultimate Black Watch

    The latest digital watch from Suunto is meant to be the culmination of everything the brand has done since way back in 1936 when it first went into business, at least if its name is any indication. It’s the Suunto Core Ultimate Black, a typically rugged sport watch with plenty of built-in features for the […]

  • Suunto Essential Collection Sport Watches

    Suunto Essential Collection Sport Watches

    New from Suunto, it’s a collection of sport watches that brings a little bit of quasi-smartwatch tech and style to the rugged durability that is typical of the brand. It’s the¬†Suunto Essential Collection, a new line of sport watches billed with the tagline “The Heritage of Adventure.” The Suunto Essential Collection includes six different colorways: […]

  • Suunto Ambit3 GPS Watch

    Suunto Ambit3 GPS Watch

    Filling the gap between a typical sport watch and the future of smartwatches is the Ambit3 from Suunto. Suunto’s Ambit3 is equipped with a wide array of features that help you track exercise data like speed, heart rate, distance, and more, but that’s not the entirety of its impressive capabilities. In addition to similar tracking […]