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  • Sodastream Mix: Add Carbonation to Any Beverage

    Sodastream Mix: Add Carbonation to Any Beverage

    Everybody loves bubbles, but they become even more appealing when they can be mixed with the beverage components of your choice. That’s the idea behind the Sodastream Mix, a very cool gadget that you can add to your home bar and that can be controlled via smartphone. The Sodastream Mix can carbonate just about anything […]

  • Sodastream Source

    Sodastream Source

    We’ve written up Sodastream products in the past, from their controversial Super Bowl ad to the Sodastream Refrigerator. Now comes the Sodastream Sourceā€”an elegant and small-scale solution to all of your soda-related problems. With the Sodastream Source, you can carbonate just about any beverage you can imagine: tap water, soft drinks, Kool-Aid, grape juice, whatever. […]

  • Samsung SodaStream Refrigerator

    Samsung SodaStream Refrigerator

    You’ve probably heard of SodaStream, the home soda machine, thanks to their recent Super Bowl ad. But if you’re still skeptical about home soda being the way of the future, maybe the SodaStream Refrigerator from Samsung will convince you. It’s the first refrigerator to have a built-in carbonated water option, courtesy of SodaStream’s patented technology. […]