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  • ‘LANDLINE.’: Vans’ First-Ever Snowboarding Film (Video)

    ‘LANDLINE.’: Vans’ First-Ever Snowboarding Film (Video)

    This is the year that not one, but two movies called LANDLINE. came out, albeit only one with that specific formatting (neither, tragically, is a Larry Cohen-penned followup to Phone Booth, Cellular, and Messages Deleted). The one we’re concerned with here is not the 90s-set comedy/drama starring Jenny Slate, but instead the first-ever snowboarding film […]

  • TOPO Series Maps: Topographical Snowskiing Mountain Maps

    TOPO Series Maps: Topographical Snowskiing Mountain Maps

    If you’re a diehard skier or snowboarder, there is one sad, fundamental truth that you eventually have to come to terms with: You probably can’t spend all of your time on the snow. But now there’s a pretty cool way for you to spend your time off the mountains,¬†courtesy of Muir Way: TOPO Series Maps. […]

  • adidas Snowboarding Video Series ‘Nomad’: Part One Drops

    adidas Snowboarding Video Series ‘Nomad’: Part One Drops

    The people at adidas Snowboarding are gearing up for their favorite season with a series of videos, wholly entitled Nomad. The series will focus on – what else? – snowboarding throughout the world. The first installment has recently hit the internet, and it’s set in Japan, a country that’s famous all over the world for […]

  • 9 Most Expensive Snowboards

    9 Most Expensive Snowboards

    While it’s not the most expensive sport in the world (that would be endangered ostrich egg polo), snowboarding can rack up some serious expenses for the incautious athlete. Snow may fall out the sky for free, but it’s easy to drop some serious money on a board – especially if it’s one of these boards. […]

  • Burton Snowboards Unveils US Olympic Snowboard Team Uniforms

    Burton Snowboards Unveils US Olympic Snowboard Team Uniforms

    We still have a few more months to wait until the 2014 Winter Olympics, but Burton Snowboards has unveiled their uniforms for the United States Snowboard Team, and they’re not exactly what you would expect. Instead of the usual hyper-patriotic reds, whites, and blues, Burton instead took their inspiration from vintage patchwork styles. This aesthetic […]

  • Nike Snowboarding LunarENDOR Quickstrike (Video)

    Nike Snowboarding LunarENDOR Quickstrike (Video)

    Here we have another quickstrike release from Nike, this one under its Nike Snowboarding brand. It’s the LunarENDOR QS, and it has to be one of the only sneakers set for a late-2013 release that has an on/off switch. That power button activates the LunarENDOR’s LED lights, designed for illumination during nighttime snowboarding jaunts. It’s […]

  • adidas Snowboarding Winter 2013-14 Collection

    adidas Snowboarding Winter 2013-14 Collection

    Snowboarding season is right around the corner, and here to get you ready to take on the slopes is adidas with their Snowboarding Winter 2013-14 Collection. Among the goodies in this collection are boots, outerwear, apparel and goggles, all created with input from the adidas snowboarding team. ¬†You can check out the entire collection by […]