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  • ‘The Peanuts Movie’ Gets Second Official Trailer (Video)

    ‘The Peanuts Movie’ Gets Second Official Trailer (Video)

    The Peanuts Movie is the upcoming CGI-animated version of the mega-popular Peanuts franchise, and it’s just gotten another official trailer in advance of its release later this year. This one again focuses on Snoopy, this time in the guise as his WW1 flying ace alter ego, although his arch-nemesis The Red Baron is nowhere to […]

  • ‘Peanuts’ Official Trailer Released (Video)

    ‘Peanuts’ Official Trailer Released (Video)

    As multimedia franchises go, they don’t get much more beloved than Peanuts, Charles Schulz’s comic strip featuring Charlie Brown and his small band of friends/enemies/pets/siblings. Next year, a big-screen, computer animated movie based on the characters will come out, and the producers have whipped up an appropriately Christmas-themed trailer in advance of the release that’s […]