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  • ‘Hayao Miyazaki – A Tribute': Celebrate Animator’s 76th Birthday (Video)

    ‘Hayao Miyazaki – A Tribute': Celebrate Animator’s 76th Birthday (Video)

    Yesterday was the 76th birthday of legendary Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki, and to celebrate Alexandre Gasulla has released a compilation featuring some of the highlights of his body of work. It’s called Hayao Miyazaki – A Tribute, and it’s the perfect way to (belatedly) celebrate the Master’s birthday. Hayao Miyazaki – A Tribute includes clips […]

  • Sex Machine 2017: Ring in the NSFWNY (Video)

    Sex Machine 2017: Ring in the NSFWNY (Video)

    Millions welcomed the new year into their lives by watching a giant ball drop in Times Square, but this is obviously a reactionary ritual meant to placate the masses and maintain the status quo. The people at Super Deluxe came up with a more transgressive way to say hello to 2017: It’s called the Sex […]

  • ‘Nick Fouquet’s Flame-Treated Hatmaking Masterclass’ (Video)

    ‘Nick Fouquet’s Flame-Treated Hatmaking Masterclass’ (Video)

    Nick Fouquet is the hatmaker behind Pharrell‘s famous oversized hats, among other things, and the artist recently gave the public a look at the processes he uses to make his unique signature creations. It’s called Nick Fouquet’s Flame-Treated Hatmaking Masterclass, and if you’ve got two and a half minutes to spare you can learn something […]

  • ‘How the Sandwich Was Invented’ (Video)

    ‘How the Sandwich Was Invented’ (Video)

    Yesterday was National Sandwich Day, and while I am anticipating being smote by the Content Gods for commemorating it belatedly, How the Sandwich Was Invented may still be worth a watch if you’re interested in the origins of this ubiquitous delicacy. How the Sandwich Was Invented is a short (under two minutes) recap of the […]

  • ‘What REALLY Happens to Your Luggage at the Airport’ (Video)

    ‘What REALLY Happens to Your Luggage at the Airport’ (Video)

    It’s a familiar experience to all air travelers: You check your bag at the counter, it vanishes from sight, and if you’re lucky, it shows up at your destination as if by magic. But if you’ve ever wondered What REALLY happens to your luggage at the airport, a new video shows just that from the […]

  • Supreme “Malcolm X” Capsule Collection

    Supreme “Malcolm X” Capsule Collection

    New from Supreme is a small collection of pieces bearing the image of iconic civil rights leader Malcolm X, designed to freak out white dads everywhere. The Supreme “Malcolm X” capsule collection includes a baseball shirt, shorts, and a beach towel, all in an olive and black color scheme accompanying Malcolm X’s iconic visage. The Supreme “Malcolm X” […]