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  • VFXLAB Animatronic Swimming Shark (Video)

    VFXLAB Animatronic Swimming Shark (Video)

    We have officially entered the latter part of summer 2016. ¬†School has started back up again in a lot of places, and it’s time to start getting ready for fall and eventually the holidays will be right around the corner. But never let it be said that summer hi-jinks can’t last deep into the thick […]

  • Shark Aquarium: Sleep With the Sharks With Airbnb

    Shark Aquarium: Sleep With the Sharks With Airbnb

    We recently told you about the Sharkbanz shark repellent bracelet, but what about those readers of our site who want to be as close to sharks as possible? For you, there’s a new giveaway from Airbnb that lets you spend a couple nights in the underwater Shark Aquarium, closer than you ever thought possible to […]

  • Sharkbanz: Shark-Repelling Bracelets

    Sharkbanz: Shark-Repelling Bracelets

    We all remember the classic scene in 1966’s Batman in which Batman and Robin use a giant can of shark repellent bat-spray to get out of a typically dangerous situation. But fifty years later, adventurers don’t have to use any cumbersome aerosol bottles to stay clear of man-eating sharks. ¬†They just have to wear a […]

  • 9 Things You Might Not Have Known About Shark Week

    9 Things You Might Not Have Known About Shark Week

    It’s reassuring to know that even in today’s hyper-information-saturated world, with social media and viral videos taking over most of our channels of entertainment, a good old-fashioned basic cable programming gimmick can still get people’s attention. The best example of this phenomenon would be the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, a week-long block of programming about […]

  • 20 Classic Video Game Sharks

    20 Classic Video Game Sharks

    As you are probably aware, it’s Shark Week. And while this is obviously a joyous time of year for everyone, like Christmas, Shark Week isn’t just something that we should celebrate once a year and then forget. A wise man once said we should all “live every week like it’s Shark Week.” So how do […]