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  • ‘Pacific Rim Uprising': Second Trailer (Video)

    ‘Pacific Rim Uprising': Second Trailer (Video)

    Ten years have passed since the events of Pacific Rim (that’s movie time, by the way, that movie came out in 2013), and now the kaiju, like everything else that anybody remembers ten years later, are coming back. That’s the basic logline for Pacific Rim Uprising, which has its second trailer now online. I could use this paragraph […]

  • ‘Sicario 2: Soldado’ – Sequel to ‘Sicario’ Gets Trailer (Video)

    ‘Sicario 2: Soldado’ – Sequel to ‘Sicario’ Gets Trailer (Video)

    I have to say, 2015’s Sicario was not among the movies I was most expecting a sequel to. But, unfortunately for all of us, the war on drugs never ends, and that means there’s nearly infinite potential for sequels about the narcotics trade around the US/Mexico border. Today a trailer for just such a sequel premiered, advertising […]

  • ‘The Incredibles 2′ Teaser Finally Arrives (Video)

    ‘The Incredibles 2′ Teaser Finally Arrives (Video)

    It’s been, believe it or not, thirteen years since Disney and Pixar‘s The Incredibles first leapt and bounded into theaters, and since then talk of a sequel has been fairly widespread – superheroes are supposed to get more than one adventure, after all. Now, even though more than a decade has passed, The Incredibles 2 […]

  • ‘Blade Runner 2049′ Official Trailer (Video)

    ‘Blade Runner 2049′ Official Trailer (Video)

    30 years ago, the year 2019 seemed far enough away to set the science-fiction dystopia of Blade Runner in that dramatic sounding year. Incredibly, what used to be a comfortably distant future is now only two years away, and before we know it it’ll be the year of Blade Runner 2049 in real life – […]

  • ‘Double Dragon IV': Belated Sequel on the Way (Video)

    ‘Double Dragon IV': Belated Sequel on the Way (Video)

    It’s been four years since the last installment of the Double Dragon franchise, and since nothing from the latter part of the 20th century is safe from this century’s insatiable lust for remakes, reboots, and sequels, the recently released teaser for Double Dragon IV should come as no surprise to anyone. Released to commemorate the […]

  • ‘Space Jam 2′ Starring LeBron James is Now Happening for Real

    ‘Space Jam 2′ Starring LeBron James is Now Happening for Real

    Rumors have been churning for years now about a belated follow up to 1996’s Space Jam starring LeBron James — a savvy move from a commercial standpoint, given the current fervor surrounding the return of various 90s properties and James’ new second career as an actor in stuff like Trainwreck. But now, Space Jam 2 has been officially […]

  • ‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot Gets First Official Trailer (Video)

    ‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot Gets First Official Trailer (Video)

    Paul Feig’s all-lady Ghostbusters reboot has been hotly anticipated/scornfully not-looked-forward-to for months and months, but the first official trailer for the movie has only hit the internet today. And it appears to promise an all-new, all-different Ghostbusting team, but with plenty of nods to the dynamic of the original movie and its sequel. Somewhat confusingly, […]

  • ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ Trailer (Video)

    ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ Trailer (Video)

    It’s been almost 20 years since The War of 1996 cost us the White House and almost the lives of our entire human race, provided of course that you accept the events of the film Independence Day as documented fact. And like all 90s pop culture touchstones, that movie is now getting its chance for […]