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  • ‘Sense8’: The Series Finale Trailer (Video)

    ‘Sense8’: The Series Finale Trailer (Video)

    When Netflix announced the cancellation of its original scifi series Sense8, it created enough of an uproar among the show’s fans that the streaming service agreed to finance a feature-length series finale so America’s favorite cluster of sensates won’t be dangling off a cliff forever. And now we have a trailer for the Sense8 series finale.  The Sense8 series […]

  • ‘Sense8’ Season 2 Gets Trailer (Video)

    ‘Sense8’ Season 2 Gets Trailer (Video)

    I make no claim at TV scholarship, but in my opinion one of the best TV shows going right now is Sense8, the octo-utopian science-fiction action soap opera from the creators of The Matrix. The last we saw the show’s band of clustered sensates (a phrase that makes, uh, sense if you’ve seen the show) […]

  • ‘Sense8’ Christmas Special Now on Netflix (Video)

    ‘Sense8’ Christmas Special Now on Netflix (Video)

    If you haven’t seen the Netflix original series Sense8, first of all, man, you should, it’s good. And you now have a pretty good opportunity to introduce yourself to the show and its characters while extending some of that sweet yuletide spirit at the same time. It’s the Sense8 Christmas special, now available to be […]

  • ‘Sense8’: Netflix Original Series From the Wachowskis Gets Trailer (Video)

    ‘Sense8’: Netflix Original Series From the Wachowskis Gets Trailer (Video)

    Andy and Lana Wachowski are coming out with a new series with a cryptic name that has a lot of superpowered people jumping around shooting bullets at each other. While that description will probably give everyone flashbacks to The Matrix franchise, this is something different – Sense8, a new scifi action series coming to Netflix this month. Sense8 deals with […]