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  • Floating Sauna From goCstudio (Photos)

    Floating Sauna From goCstudio (Photos)

    If you’ve recently found yourself on the banks of Seattle‘s Lake Union, you may have noticed a curious structure floating in the middle of the lake. It’s the Floating Sauna, a crowdfunded project from goCstudio that’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like. The Floating Sauna is a buoyant combination of aluminum, plywood, and an […]

  • #SocialMedium: Frye Art Museum Unveils Internet-Curated Exhibit (Photos)

    #SocialMedium: Frye Art Museum Unveils Internet-Curated Exhibit (Photos)

    The Frye Art Museum in Seattle turned over the curating duties for their latest art exhibit to an unlikely entity: The internet. The name of the exhibit is #SocialMedium, and it worked by allowing an estimated 4000 people who follow the Frye Art Museum on various social networks to vote online on which works would […]