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  • ‘The First’: Sean Penn Comes to TV (Trailer)

    ‘The First’: Sean Penn Comes to TV (Trailer)

    2018 continues its parade of unlikely, downright impossible events. Sean Penn, after years of commitment to the movie star lifestyle, is actually doing a TV show. And I’m not talking about some self-referential cameo Larry Sanders, I mean a full-on leading role in a Hulu TV series called The First. Here’s what it’s all about: “Set in […]

  • ‘Sense8’: The Series Finale Trailer (Video)

    ‘Sense8’: The Series Finale Trailer (Video)

    When Netflix announced the cancellation of its original scifi series Sense8, it created enough of an uproar among the show’s fans that the streaming service agreed to finance a feature-length series finale so America’s favorite cluster of sensates won’t be dangling off a cliff forever. And now we have a trailer for the Sense8 series finale.  The Sense8 series […]

  • ‘Altered Carbon’: Full Length Trailer (Video)

    ‘Altered Carbon’: Full Length Trailer (Video)

    It’s been more than a month since we first brought you word of Altered Carbon, the upcoming Netflix series that will hopefully scratch the tech noir/cyberpunk/Blade Runner itch that many of us live with constantly. Now, a full length trailer for the series has hit the internet, along with a full plot synopsis: “In the distant future, human […]

  • ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ First Look Trailer (Video)

    ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ First Look Trailer (Video)

    CBS‘ new streaming service CBS All Access will boast an honest-to-God new Star Trek show as its flagship program, and now a new “First Look Trailer” for Star Trek: Discovery is online for fans to enjoy without scrutinizing or criticizing any aspect of it. Star Trek: Discovery represents the Trek franchise’s return to TV after […]