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  • Sevenhugs Smart Remote (Video)

    Sevenhugs Smart Remote (Video)

    It has been said that every new convenience carries with it some unforeseen inconvenience, and in the case of smart appliances and other tech in your home, that might be all the extra apps clogging up your phone’s battery and computing power in order to operate them all. Alternatively, you could skip the phone altogether […]

  • Stary: “The World’s Lightest Electric Skateboard”

    Stary: “The World’s Lightest Electric Skateboard”

    I’ve never used an electric skateboard, but apparently excessive weight is an issue with most of them – I guess it’s a problem akin to the automatic drive on push lawnmowers, which adds a lot of extra weight to the mower. But there’s a company taking to Kickstarter with a design they say is for […]