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  • ‘Team Sonic Racing’ Reveal Trailer (Video)

    ‘Team Sonic Racing’ Reveal Trailer (Video)

    A recent unauthorized leak of an upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog racing game has led directly to an official reveal trailer for that game, which we now know is entitled Team Sonic Racing. As the official copy makes clear, the emphasis here is on multiplayer action, similarly to the mega-popular Mario Kart franchise: “Team Sonic Racing arrives this Winter! […]

  • ‘Mario Kart Tour': A Mobile ‘Mario Kart’ Coming Soon

    ‘Mario Kart Tour': A Mobile ‘Mario Kart’ Coming Soon

    Nintendo’s ongoing mission to claim every spare hour, minute, and second of our lives continues with the announcement of a mobile variant of the popular Mario Kart franchise. There aren’t any real details about the game as yet, besides the title: Mario Kart Tour.  Mario Kart Tour will be the next entry in the Nintendo Mobile Universe, following the […]

  • ‘Need for Speed Payback’ Official Reveal Trailer (Video)

    ‘Need for Speed Payback’ Official Reveal Trailer (Video)

    The next installment of the Need for Speed video game series appears to take cues from the massively popular Fast and Furious franchise. It’s called (with apologies to the late James Brown) Need for Speed Payback, and the game‘s new “official reveal trailer” recently premiered online. Need for Speed is historically a racing series, but […]