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  • Vans OTW Prelow “Steelhead”

    Vans OTW Prelow “Steelhead”

    Another Vans OTW Prelow colorway has hit the streets, and it’s a homage to that perennial popular summer leisure activity—fishing. It’s called the Vans OTW Prelow “Steelhead,” named for a kind of rainbow trout that is a well-known game fish. Fishing might not be as cool as skateboarding, but the Vans OTW Prelow “Steelhead” still […]

  • Vans OTW Summer 2014 Prelow “Cork” (Pics)

    Vans OTW Summer 2014 Prelow “Cork” (Pics)

    It’s true that cork is great for making bulletin boards, plugging up wine bottles, and illegally filling baseball bats, but it also has a life as a sneaker material. Vans is the latest brand to hop on the cork sneaker bandwagon, with the Vans OTW Prelow “Cork.” The Vans OTW Prelow “Cork” combines the recognizable […]